Welcome to the world, Cynical Makeup!

Hello there! I’m Kiera, and I guess I should explain why the hell I’ve started this blog.

To put it simply, I love makeup. I’m no makeup artist, but I could sit and play with it all day… the problem is, there is no way on this earth I’ll ever be able to afford any of the ‘premium’ makeup that I see a lot of beauty bloggers using (I have 2 Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes, 1 was a gift, the second was free because the first was smashed on delivery) and I don’t own anything more expensive than a No7 primer and some Benefit bits.

I thought about how nice it would be to have somewhere to go where I could compare drug store makeup to get the best value for my money, and then I remembered I have a lot of spare time, and access to the internet.

Thus, this beautiful baby is born!

Why cynical? Because as much as I shouldn’t be, I can be cynic and a pessimist, and enjoy going against the grain from time to time. So, there’s that.

I can’t 100% say that it will be solely makeup based, but that will be a very large factor. I’ll keep changing and adapting with the times – if I can make sure I keep this thing up and running – and try my very best to be as honest as I can be!

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 21.13.58


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