The go-to eye

Everybody needs a go-to eye look. For some people, it’s nothing. For me, it’s a nude eye, a well done brow (my brows are important to me) and lots of eyeliner (I love eyeliner). I like to play it safe, and a nude look is as safe as they come.

My favourite palette at the moment is this Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. Now, it’s not a cheap product – its was a gift believe it or not – and costs around £39, but sometimes it’s alright to justify money on something that you’ll use over and over…and over and over again.

I also used my Fatcat Eyeliner, a MaxFactor false lash effect mascara, some black pencil eyeliner, and my Revolution ultra brow palette!

To start, here’s me with absolutely no makeup on. Stunner, I know.


Next up, I work on the brows. I couldn’t be bothered to put on foundation, so deal with my gross oily face :). I use a bit of the palette’s highlighter to lift my brows, as in my opinion, I have a droopy face. I try not to make my brows too drawn on, and generally follow my natural shape. That’s just my personal preference though, all brows are fab brows!


Next, I use my eyeshadow. Keeping it simple, I start with the lighter shades and work outwards, adding the corresponding glittery shade along!


Finally, I do the eyeliner and mascara. I went for big eyeliner because it generally lifts my face, and then added mascara. A lot on the top, a little on the bottom. Aaaannd to top it all off, a tiny bit of pencil eyeliner on the lower lid – this isn’t something I use often, but I’ll add it if I’m going out somewhere.


Overall, this took me about 20 minutes, maybe a little less (I was on episode 3 of Stranger Things, so who can be sure??), and it might be a bit messy and clumpy, but it’s so easy and definitely makes you seem more dressed up in a short amount of time!


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