Treat Yo Self – Revolution Ultra Professional Collection

Today is my last day of freedom before I start my job. Whilst wandering around Superdrug today to grab a few bits and bobs I spotted a few Revolution makeup gift sets, and sticking to my reckless, treat yo self nature, decided to go ahead and buy one.


Considering this entire set was only £30, I actually think I’ve come across a bit of a bargain, and won’t need to buy any makeup for the foreseeable future! Here is a closer look of what is included in the set:

Cream contour kit:img_2817_FotorI’ve been after a decent cream contour kit for a while, and I can’t wait to try this out!

Medium Eyebrow kit:

img_2818_FotorAlthough this set is a little light for my brows, it does contain a highlighter AND a gel to keep those unruly hairs in place.


img_2819_FotorNow, I’ve never actually owned just a highlighter before, so I’m super excited to GLOW.

Eye Primer:

img_2820_FotorAlthough I did buy an NYX Eyeshadow primer recently, I’m looking forward to being able to use this neutral colour for more natural looks.

Eyeshadow Palette:

img_2821_FotorI’m so happy that this palette is included! With summer wrapping up I was looking for something warm and autumnal, and I’m so glad the pinks, golds and plums are available.

Lip Palette:

img_2822_FotorI’m not usually one for a lip palette, but the colours are beautiful, and I won’t say no to trying!

Brush collection:

img_2823_FotorThere are two eyeshadow brushes and a contour brush included. They look stunning, and it’s always nice to have the brush collection topped up!

Surperdrug also had a highlighter and contour set for £20, but I was happier getting a range of different types of makeup. Do you think this is a good deal? I’m pretty happy with what I got!



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