RE: Cynical’s Blog Direction

Change can sometimes be a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and will continue to spend money on it, experiment and play with it until I can no longer – but I feel like my blog is suffering because of how restricted I’ve made it.

There’s so much more to me than makeup. I LOVE music, and even used to run a music blog back in the day. I’ve been trying to work out more and more, I’m a feminist, I love my dogs, I work full time, I was in a long-distance relationship, and I have severe self-acceptance issues.

There’s so much more I want to talk about and share, so many issues I want to tackle, and I think this blog is the best place for it! It’s going to take a while to find a real rhythm, but I feel like it will be much better, smoother, and more natural than the pace and tone I’m working with at the moment.

Please bear with me while I fine tune everything, but it I’m really optimistic with the how I plan to have the blog run. I’ll still be the same cheap, corner cutting, postive beauty blogger I started as, but I want to develop and grow into so much more!


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