Gig Review: Beartooth, Shepards Bush, 8th Dec 16

Following the release of their latest album, Beartooth touched down in London last Thursday to kick of their UK leg of the Aggressive tour.

Come through, O2!

In the (incredibly sweaty) venue of Shepard Bush Empire, the night kicked off with support from the British boys of Trash Boat, and American-based band Vanna – who I SERIOUSLY recommend listening to.

Apologies for the shitty quality!

After some waiting around (it started later than I expected), The time came for Beartooth to take to the stage. Never in my many years of countless gigs have I ever seen such beautiful carnage take place under one roof – the non stop jumping, crowd surfing, moshing, and crowd surfing (really, a FUCK-TON of crowd surfing), made the entire venue feel electric. I mean really, the guy and his girlfriend next to me went crowd surfing three times. Three. Never seen a man so happy.

With a set-list including Aggressive, Body Bag, King of Anything, and I Have A Problem, the room was filled with singing and shouting from every direction. I’ve only been a fan for a few years, so I was impressed to see just how much of an amazing show they put on! They are a band that can play songs live and hit every key, and they know how to get the audience involved.

Queen of grainy images

To summarise: one of the most lively, fun and energetic gigs I’ve been to in years. If you haven’t listened to Aggressive yet, then I highly recommend.

Side note: BEST BAND MERCH EVER. I bought a hoody and holy shit it’s the most comfortable, high quality piece of clothing I’ve ever bought at a gig.


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