Treat Yo Self – Revolution Ultra Professional Collection

Today is my last day of freedom before I start my job. Whilst wandering around Superdrug today to grab a few bits and bobs I spotted a few Revolution makeup gift sets, and sticking to my reckless, treat yo self nature, decided to go ahead and buy one.


Considering this entire set was only £30, I actually think I’ve come across a bit of a bargain, and won’t need to buy any makeup for the foreseeable future! Here is a closer look of what is included in the set:

Cream contour kit:img_2817_FotorI’ve been after a decent cream contour kit for a while, and I can’t wait to try this out!

Medium Eyebrow kit:

img_2818_FotorAlthough this set is a little light for my brows, it does contain a highlighter AND a gel to keep those unruly hairs in place.


img_2819_FotorNow, I’ve never actually owned just a highlighter before, so I’m super excited to GLOW.

Eye Primer:

img_2820_FotorAlthough I did buy an NYX Eyeshadow primer recently, I’m looking forward to being able to use this neutral colour for more natural looks.

Eyeshadow Palette:

img_2821_FotorI’m so happy that this palette is included! With summer wrapping up I was looking for something warm and autumnal, and I’m so glad the pinks, golds and plums are available.

Lip Palette:

img_2822_FotorI’m not usually one for a lip palette, but the colours are beautiful, and I won’t say no to trying!

Brush collection:

img_2823_FotorThere are two eyeshadow brushes and a contour brush included. They look stunning, and it’s always nice to have the brush collection topped up!

Surperdrug also had a highlighter and contour set for £20, but I was happier getting a range of different types of makeup. Do you think this is a good deal? I’m pretty happy with what I got!



What’s In My Makeup Box – Eyeshadow Edition!


So here is my selection of eyeshadow! I’ve never noticed before, but in this light, everything I own is so beautifully colour coordinated! I’m going to go into depth with this post so that you can see all of the colours that I own (it’s pretty difficult to get a good look with this photo!)

Small Ted Baker Palette – 

This palette came as part of a gift box, so unfortunately I don’t know the exact price or name :(. It contains a lovely glittery gold, bronze, and copper, and is really great for a warmer eye.

Smashbox Palette – 

I’ll keep this one short, since I photographed and talked about this palette before here. A simple nude palette with matt and glittery colours, I can’t get enough of it!

Kat Von D Beauty Chrysalis Palette – 

This palette contains a beautiful mix of purples and blues. It’s very dramatic and I save it for special occasions (also, I have two copies of this palette – one smashed one, pictured above, and another untouched one which I’ll use when this one runs out!).

Max Factor Silver Liquid Eyeshadow – 

Now I’m yet to actually use this colour as an eyeshadow as it’s super pigmented and I’m a little intimidated! I do use it as eyeliner sometimes though, it’s a very pretty colour!

No7 Eyeshadow Pots –

This is a super nice mix of purples, whites, and creams. They’re very subtle but I enjoy the mix, and how well they blend with other eyeshadow brands!

Bare Essentials Pot –


This is such a beautiful blend of purple and blue glitter! It’s highly pigmented but I adore the colour!

The fun cheap pot –

I got this as a present in a super cheap gift bundle, so I don’t think it’s branded. I’m sure Harley Quinn would like it though!

NYX Eyeshadow Primer –


I only recently got this primer but I LOVE it! It’s smooth and silky, and a little glittery too – what more could you want?


Why It’s Taken Me So Long To Give In To Tutorials

I never, ever, ever used to look at tutorials to do my makeup. I enjoyed trying, testing, experimenting, and doing whatever I wanted until I felt that I had got my signature look down.

I started looking at step-by-step pictures, but still refused to watch videos. I wanted to figure out how to contour and create the perfect smokey eye all by myself… and shock horror, it was never as good as it was supposed to be.

Recently, I decided to start small, and watch small snippets of makeup videos on Instagram. They were quick, you couldn’t follow them, but I started to pick up on tricks that made my routine slicker and easier – and it dawned on me: my ignorance and stubbornness was holding me back from discovering new, easy and fun ways to work with makeup!

So I gave in. I still can’t contour, and I’ll never reach the perfection of famous beauty blogger brows, but I have noticed a difference in how good my makeup is. So, I decided to go full-on and try a proper eyeshadow tutorial, from the only really fancy palette that I own.

Here’s the tutorial for reference:

And here is my take on it. I changed the eyeliner, and since I got new eyelashes last week, I decided to wear them with this look – bear in mind, I haven’t worn fake eyelashes in 5 years, so apologies if they’re a bit off!


Also, because I LOVE the Boomerang app, here’s an eyeroll gif.


I definitely think I’ll start watching more tutorials in the future. I need to stop trying to do it all on my own, and accept the help that is so easily accessible online!


What’s In My Makeup Box – Lip Edition! 

Take a peek into my makeup box – today, let’s focus on a mis-match of lipsticks, gels and crayons!

It seems pretty obvious that I like very particular colours, mainly nudes and maroons! There are a few pinks in there, but I’ll be honest when I say that they came as part of a pack (the Ted Bakers were Christmas gifts, and most of the No.7 items came from their Christmas advent calendar!).

I’m always on the hunt for a dark red lip, but to be honest, I never settle – I have small lips, and bright colours draw attention to them! I think that’s why my lip collection looks the way it does.

My favourites are definitely my Revlon Matt Crayon, the Rouge Velvet Edition, Burts Bees Lip Crayon and Maybelline’s Super Stay 24hr Colour. They all have their perks – beautiful Matt colour, velvety smoothness, deep red moisture and colour that lasts for literal days! I’m always buying new versions of the same colour lip makeup, I just can’t help it…

Do you have any of my lip collection? Or is your collection completely different? I always imagine every other makeup lover having an amazing range of colours.

I’m Sick Of Being A Makeup Wimp

I’m sick of being a makeup wimp. It happens every time – I go out and buy an adventurous palette, a super bright shade of lipstick… And I end up playing it safe.

I desperately want to be more adventurous and creative with my makeup, but I’m scared that 1. I’ll stick out like a sore thumb, and 2. It will look sloppy and unprofessional.

Here’s a shitty picture of my average look – a nudeish eye, eyeliner, mascara, and brow. Simple, easy, and proven to work:



Here’s some extremely shitty pictures of a couple of fun experiments. I rarely experiment with eyeliner, so this is very extreme (and, as expected, sloppy) for me:

And here, in all their small, weirdly shaped glory, are some ‘extreme’ lip looks (I only ever wear nudes, so bright colours like purple and red are completely out of the box for me!):

In both cases, these looks are awful. I struggle to clearly define eyeshadow colours, and I’m terrified of over lining my lips… But I think there’s are tricks to the way we can be bolder and braver with our makeup looks. It’s going to take time, but I’ll get there eventually.

Here’s a fun list to being bold and brave!

  1. Experiment! You never know until you try, so use the bright purple lipstick sat at the back of your makeup drawer, play with the silver eyeliner you’ve been too scared to use, why not? You might stumble into a whole new look that you never even dreamed of!
  2. Practice! Practice makes perfect, and it probably takes hundreds of tried for beauty bloggers to perfect that look which got 10k likes on Instagram. Keep going, keep blending, keep perfecting that eyeliner.
  3. Step outside your comfort zone! Never used that shade of bright blue in your eyeshadow palette? Now is your time! Bright colours are fun and becoming more ad more fashionable. Go without eyeliner if that’s your go-to look, or vice versa. Try something new.

I’ll keep experimenting anyway, and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Let’s Be Skin Positive!

This morning, I woke up, looked in the mirror, and noticed that the gross spots I had yesterday were just as red, and just as gross. When it comes to blemishes and spots and greasy skin, I generally take it in my stride. I mean, what can you really do?

Covering up blemishes is all well and good, but I can never shake the feeling that under all that concealer they’ll just end up looking worse! I try to keep my skin clean and keep a fairly decent skincare routine, but sometimes you just can’t help it.

I just get so tired of seeing the layers upon layers of makeup people feel the need to put on to cover up blemishes that are completely natural. If you want to cover up, that’s cool. If you don’t, that’s also cool. What ISN’T cool is putting on heavy makeup to cover up your skin because you’re ashamed, or embarrassed, or pressured into because of stupid memes on the internet.

I don’t know. It took me a long time to get to a place where I wasn’t too fussed about the odd spot here and there, and was happy to go out without makeup if I fancied. I just want people to be more open to accepting people using as much or as little makeup as they want, embracing their skin type and doing what works for them!

Makeup Brush Woes

Is it just me, or has the world of makeup brushes and sponges become a super expensive, super confusing venture? I never used to wash them, I rarely changed foundation sponges, and now not only am I being told that they need to be washed super duper regularly, but I need to buy specific brushes for highlighting, contouring, eyeliner, different regions of eyeshadow… it’s all too much!

Personally, I have a few sets of brushes. One, I got from Poundland. Another, was £5 down from £30 in a Body Shop sale. I also have a few cheap off-the-shelf sponges from Superdrug. I’ve got a few other stragglers that came from various makeup sets here and there, but you catch my drift.




This is a small cross-section of my brush collection. They’re messy, they’re washed semi-regularly, and they are rarely used for what they’re intended for! This isn’t all of my brushes, but the others are a bit more dirty and I’m ashamed to show them off.

And just for fun, here a couple of sponges from a pack that I got for a pound:


I think the elitism that has been spread across the online makeup community is sad – so what if I get a set of brushes for a pound? So what if I use a lip brush to put some fancy glitter on my eyelid? As long as they’re clean when you swap them around, it doesn’t make any difference!

I try my best to use brushes as they’re intended, but sometimes I simply can’t afford to spend money on a highlighter brush, or fork out more than a fiver on specialist sponges when I know I can get them cheap somewhere else.

What I’m trying to say is… it’s time to end the brush snobbery. Keep them clean, treat yourself once in a while, but don’t worry about what you should and shouldn’t do with them. As long as you look good, keep doing what you’re doing!


Next Time, Consider Lush

I’m a complete sucker for fancy moisturisers and all things cleansing, and I’ve found myself getting bored of the usual soaps and washes I get on offer in Superdrug and Boots. A few months ago, I read a pretty interesting review about a shampoo from Lush, decided to buy it, and my obsession has grown from there.

Although some of their products are more expensive than other items available in the high street, they are well worth it, and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to spoil yourself!

Here are a few of my favourites!

Big Sea Salt Shampoo – £12.75 for 330g


This stuff is honestly a gift from the gods! It smells great, it makes your hair feel bouncy and soft, and this is my second big pot of the stuff. There are smaller pots available, but I opt to get the bigger one since my boyfriend loves the stuff and is always stealing it! I only use it a couple of times a week (there are chunks of salt in the tub and I have a fear of my hair drying out) but it really does feel great!

Vanishing Cream – £18.95 for 45g


Now this moisturiser, I love. It is super duper expensive though, so I dug out an old giftcard from my local shopping centre just to afford it! It glides on to the skin, is light, and feels like a dream. I want to give an honourable shoutout to Full of Grace, a moisturising bar which is a hell of a lot cheaper but feels incredible and also smells ace! I couldn’t photograph it though because I had none left!

Mask of Magnaminty – £6.25 for 125g


This minty face mask is a dream! It’s a great way to fight breakouts and it smells brilliant. I tend to use it once a week, and my skin always glows afterwards. Also, ignore the messy case, the stuff can get sticky when putting on!

Popcorn lip scrub – £5.20 for 25g


As someone who picks at their lips when their anxious, this stuff is a tasty life saver! I think it’s actually cheaper in-store (as is everything considering you don’t have to pay for postage!), and works brilliantly for smooth lips.

It’s always fun to try something different – and I recommend turning to Lush if you ever fancy a treat!

The go-to eye

Everybody needs a go-to eye look. For some people, it’s nothing. For me, it’s a nude eye, a well done brow (my brows are important to me) and lots of eyeliner (I love eyeliner). I like to play it safe, and a nude look is as safe as they come.

My favourite palette at the moment is this Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. Now, it’s not a cheap product – its was a gift believe it or not – and costs around £39, but sometimes it’s alright to justify money on something that you’ll use over and over…and over and over again.

I also used my Fatcat Eyeliner, a MaxFactor false lash effect mascara, some black pencil eyeliner, and my Revolution ultra brow palette!

To start, here’s me with absolutely no makeup on. Stunner, I know.


Next up, I work on the brows. I couldn’t be bothered to put on foundation, so deal with my gross oily face :). I use a bit of the palette’s highlighter to lift my brows, as in my opinion, I have a droopy face. I try not to make my brows too drawn on, and generally follow my natural shape. That’s just my personal preference though, all brows are fab brows!


Next, I use my eyeshadow. Keeping it simple, I start with the lighter shades and work outwards, adding the corresponding glittery shade along!


Finally, I do the eyeliner and mascara. I went for big eyeliner because it generally lifts my face, and then added mascara. A lot on the top, a little on the bottom. Aaaannd to top it all off, a tiny bit of pencil eyeliner on the lower lid – this isn’t something I use often, but I’ll add it if I’m going out somewhere.


Overall, this took me about 20 minutes, maybe a little less (I was on episode 3 of Stranger Things, so who can be sure??), and it might be a bit messy and clumpy, but it’s so easy and definitely makes you seem more dressed up in a short amount of time!

An Introduction To My Top 5 Drugstore Products!

Since this blog is all about the best I can find when wandering about my local high street, I figured I owed it to the blog to start off with my top 5 drugstore products. They didn’t cost a bomb, I swear by them 100%, and they are easily available!

(DISCLAIMER: 1. All of my makeup looks really shoddy, and that’s because I use it so much, so sorry but not sorry, and 2. My photos are awful and I can’t edit anything at the moment so… we’ll just have to work through it together)

  1. Barry M – Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit, £6,49

This palette is so great for lazy contours and beginner-to-almost-advanced contours! It’s simple, with the three shades (light, medium, dark) in powder form so that you can contour as lightly or heavily as you want. It’s pretty obvious that I’m a fan of the medium colour, and that’s because the colour looks great and I only use a small amount of the darker shade.

  1. Bourjois – Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick, £8.99

This matte liquid lipstick is to die for! It feels great, and doesn’t get sticky or clumpy – it is literally as the name says, it’s velvet. The range of colours go from red to nudes, and the colour stays on for ages, which is super impressive, as I rarely come across a lipstick that can stay on past having one drink!

3. Makeup Revolution – Ultra Brow Palette (Medium to dark), £7.99

I take great pride in my brows, and this palette literally has everything you could need for whatever eyebrow look you are going for. This palette is ‘medium to dark’, but the lighter shades are way too light for me! The palette comes with a highlighter (cream and powder), tweezer, eyebrow pencil, and two separate eyebrow brushes. I highly highly highly recommend!

  1. Burts Bees – Tinted Lip Balm (Hibiscus & Red Dahlia), £5.49

I love a good lip balm and honestly own maybe four or five Burts Bees products, but the tinted balms are by far my favourite. I’m lazy when it comes to lip product, so I always have one of these as a go to. They feel fab and the colour is really pigmented – by far the best tinted lip balms I’ve ever come across.

  1. Soap and Glory – Supercat Eyeliner, £6.00

Now this eyeliner. THIS EYELINER. As someone who has worn eyeliner every day of their life for the best part of 8 years, this is one of the best eyeliners I have ever come across. It’s a felt, liquid eyeliner (which also comes as Super Fatcat for extra heavy lines), and stays on until the end of the day. It sits perfectly on top of eyeshadow and it super easy to put on, as well as being super pigmented. I love it, and if you’ve been struggling to find a cheap, decent eyeliner, this baby is the one.

I’m sure there are a ton of products out there that are yet to make my top 5, if there are any other products out there, let me know!