Gig Review: Bullet For My Valentine playing The Poison in full, Brixton Academy, 10th Dec 16

I’m going to skip the formalities and let everyone know that this was my 10th Bullet For My Valentine (BFMV) show, with the previous night being my 9th. I’m going to try and not be biased… but I can’t promise anything (because I love them).

I have waited LITERAL years to see The Poison – BFMV’s debut and arguably best album – played live in its entirety. Here’s proof:

And the day finally arrived. I had seen Cane Hill and Killswitch Engage (who were much better on the second night I might add) the previous night, so arrived a little later.

When ‘Intro’ started to play, I swear I almost teared up. The night before the audience had been somewhat dead on their feet, so I was a little nervous that I’d be the only person in Brixton singing my heart out, but I was proven wrong.

The night was designed for fans of BFMV and fans of the album. Track by track, I had more and more fun hearing my favourite ever songs live. People were singing loud, dancing and smiling, and it was probably one of the most fun gigs I have ever been to.

The songs they usually play were perfected, and the songs that had debuted in this tour were incredible. Hearing songs like Room 409 live for the first time was a really exciting experience for fans like me!

They even played their newest single, ‘Don’t Need You’, twice. It fit in so well with the night, and is hopefully a hint that their musical style is about to come full circle.



Gig Review: Beartooth, Shepards Bush, 8th Dec 16

Following the release of their latest album, Beartooth touched down in London last Thursday to kick of their UK leg of the Aggressive tour.

Come through, O2!

In the (incredibly sweaty) venue of Shepard Bush Empire, the night kicked off with support from the British boys of Trash Boat, and American-based band Vanna – who I SERIOUSLY recommend listening to.

Apologies for the shitty quality!

After some waiting around (it started later than I expected), The time came for Beartooth to take to the stage. Never in my many years of countless gigs have I ever seen such beautiful carnage take place under one roof – the non stop jumping, crowd surfing, moshing, and crowd surfing (really, a FUCK-TON of crowd surfing), made the entire venue feel electric. I mean really, the guy and his girlfriend next to me went crowd surfing three times. Three. Never seen a man so happy.

With a set-list including Aggressive, Body Bag, King of Anything, and I Have A Problem, the room was filled with singing and shouting from every direction. I’ve only been a fan for a few years, so I was impressed to see just how much of an amazing show they put on! They are a band that can play songs live and hit every key, and they know how to get the audience involved.

Queen of grainy images

To summarise: one of the most lively, fun and energetic gigs I’ve been to in years. If you haven’t listened to Aggressive yet, then I highly recommend.

Side note: BEST BAND MERCH EVER. I bought a hoody and holy shit it’s the most comfortable, high quality piece of clothing I’ve ever bought at a gig.

Giving Up On The Dream

Now, I’m well aware that this post may make me out like some sort of ‘debbie-downer’, but sometimes, the dreams you have when you have when you’re 18 and packing off to uni simply don’t come to fruition.

I’m not looking for sympathy, I just think it’s important to put this out there: sometimes, your dreams stay dreams, and that’s ok! 

When I left for uni, I desperately wanted to work in media – at first, I wanted to go into television production.  A year into Uni, I realised that it just wasn’t for me. I then wanted to become a radio presenter and producer after dedicating myself to the student radio station – after a while, I realised that as much as music is a passion, it wasn’t a career path I wanted to follow. Then at the end of my second year I took an animation module, and I fell in love. I just adored researching animation history, writing the essays, coming up with the concepts and playing with the software, so much so that I took it as my final year module and wrote my entire dissertation around feminism in animation. I was applying for animation jobs, internships and schemes left right and centre. I knew I had a small portfolio, but hoped that since I had only just graduated, I would be able to find somewhere that could continue training my animation skill set AND pay me.

I was wrong.

After a while of rejections and radio silence, I took a marketing job, where I still had some creative reign, and made some money too. I figured it would be great for the time being, I could get some commercial work done, continue to apply for animation internships, and keep earning. After a while (and some circumstance changes which I’m not going to get into) I ended up unemployed for a few months. Now, if you’ve never been unemployed for a stretch of time before, it grates on you. I mean, it really has you doubting yourself, getting wound up, and feeling low. I started putting less effort into any sort of animation opportunities, and applying for marketing jobs since I had a smidge of experience. By some dumb luck, I got a marketing internship at an amazing animation company, and I thought I had found the perfect job.

Again, I was wrong.

I mean, the studio was great, and everyone was lovely, but to be so close to the animated world, and realise just how far I would ever be from really being able to be a part of it was crushing. To know in my heart of hearts that regardless of how much I practiced and studied that I would never quite make it really tore me down and made that internship a difficult and conflicting experience. I spent those months desperately trying to figure out what my back-up dream job was, and how I could pull everything back together.

Skip forward a few months of gruelling unemployment, Brexit, MORE unemployment and then (possibly one of the only good things to happen in 2016) a surprising job offer, I’ve found myself working as a digi-comms assistant in the house building sector. I know – definitely NOT where I thought I would end up when I was throwing my graduation cap in the air – but (at least for now) I’m feeling content in my purpose. It’s not the the ideal situation, but I really do enjoy it. It’s a good company, it’s good pay, the people are nice, I feel valued. It’s not my dream but it’s certainly not my nightmare.

I think it’s important to chase your dreams, to find a passion and to actively pursue it, and I definitely don’t want to dissuade people from that! I just think it’s important for people to be reminded that in a society that preaches reaching for the stars that sometimes it’s ok to settle and re-think your journey. Sometimes it’s ok to remind yourself that years from now, the decisions you thought were mistakes were really putting you on the path to the place you’re meant to be. 

I know that where I am at the moment isn’t my final destination, and I know it’s not my dream job – I’m still trying to figure out what my dream job is! I also know that this job will help me earn enough so that I can move out, and afford to go out, and afford gig tickets and car insurance… sometimes aiming for the smaller goals rather than the bigger picture is just as rewarding.

Rebirthing The Bloggg!

For the second time in two months, I’d like to welcome this lovely, shiny, reformatted blog to the world! After some tweaking, editing and URL changes, I’m super duper happy to announce that I’m no longer Cynical Makeup, but Cynical Bloggger*!

I’ll still be posting lots and lots of makeup fun, but I’ll also be writing more about music and talking about general lifestyle bits and bobs! I’ve been drafting up ideas and I’m really excited to see where this new direction takes me.

I’ll still be the same kinda cheap, kinda lazy, kinda messy bloggger, but I’ll also try my best to keep this bloggg as something that everyone will enjoy!

Lots of love,

Kiera x

*Cynical blogger was taken, so now everything is bloggg. Branding, ya know. 

RE: Cynical’s Blog Direction

Change can sometimes be a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and will continue to spend money on it, experiment and play with it until I can no longer – but I feel like my blog is suffering because of how restricted I’ve made it.

There’s so much more to me than makeup. I LOVE music, and even used to run a music blog back in the day. I’ve been trying to work out more and more, I’m a feminist, I love my dogs, I work full time, I was in a long-distance relationship, and I have severe self-acceptance issues.

There’s so much more I want to talk about and share, so many issues I want to tackle, and I think this blog is the best place for it! It’s going to take a while to find a real rhythm, but I feel like it will be much better, smoother, and more natural than the pace and tone I’m working with at the moment.

Please bear with me while I fine tune everything, but it I’m really optimistic with the how I plan to have the blog run. I’ll still be the same cheap, corner cutting, postive beauty blogger I started as, but I want to develop and grow into so much more!

Get Ready Playlist – August 2016

And here it is, this month’s Get Ready Playlist! It’s been a hectic month for me – I booked a holiday, started a brand new full-time job, and have been trying to get this blog off the ground! Hopefully you’ll enjoy this mis-match of tunes while I continue to figure out the direction I want this blog to go in! 🙂

Treat Yo Self – Revolution Ultra Professional Collection

Today is my last day of freedom before I start my job. Whilst wandering around Superdrug today to grab a few bits and bobs I spotted a few Revolution makeup gift sets, and sticking to my reckless, treat yo self nature, decided to go ahead and buy one.


Considering this entire set was only £30, I actually think I’ve come across a bit of a bargain, and won’t need to buy any makeup for the foreseeable future! Here is a closer look of what is included in the set:

Cream contour kit:img_2817_FotorI’ve been after a decent cream contour kit for a while, and I can’t wait to try this out!

Medium Eyebrow kit:

img_2818_FotorAlthough this set is a little light for my brows, it does contain a highlighter AND a gel to keep those unruly hairs in place.


img_2819_FotorNow, I’ve never actually owned just a highlighter before, so I’m super excited to GLOW.

Eye Primer:

img_2820_FotorAlthough I did buy an NYX Eyeshadow primer recently, I’m looking forward to being able to use this neutral colour for more natural looks.

Eyeshadow Palette:

img_2821_FotorI’m so happy that this palette is included! With summer wrapping up I was looking for something warm and autumnal, and I’m so glad the pinks, golds and plums are available.

Lip Palette:

img_2822_FotorI’m not usually one for a lip palette, but the colours are beautiful, and I won’t say no to trying!

Brush collection:

img_2823_FotorThere are two eyeshadow brushes and a contour brush included. They look stunning, and it’s always nice to have the brush collection topped up!

Surperdrug also had a highlighter and contour set for £20, but I was happier getting a range of different types of makeup. Do you think this is a good deal? I’m pretty happy with what I got!


What’s In My Makeup Box – Eyeshadow Edition!


So here is my selection of eyeshadow! I’ve never noticed before, but in this light, everything I own is so beautifully colour coordinated! I’m going to go into depth with this post so that you can see all of the colours that I own (it’s pretty difficult to get a good look with this photo!)

Small Ted Baker Palette – 

This palette came as part of a gift box, so unfortunately I don’t know the exact price or name :(. It contains a lovely glittery gold, bronze, and copper, and is really great for a warmer eye.

Smashbox Palette – 

I’ll keep this one short, since I photographed and talked about this palette before here. A simple nude palette with matt and glittery colours, I can’t get enough of it!

Kat Von D Beauty Chrysalis Palette – 

This palette contains a beautiful mix of purples and blues. It’s very dramatic and I save it for special occasions (also, I have two copies of this palette – one smashed one, pictured above, and another untouched one which I’ll use when this one runs out!).

Max Factor Silver Liquid Eyeshadow – 

Now I’m yet to actually use this colour as an eyeshadow as it’s super pigmented and I’m a little intimidated! I do use it as eyeliner sometimes though, it’s a very pretty colour!

No7 Eyeshadow Pots –

This is a super nice mix of purples, whites, and creams. They’re very subtle but I enjoy the mix, and how well they blend with other eyeshadow brands!

Bare Essentials Pot –


This is such a beautiful blend of purple and blue glitter! It’s highly pigmented but I adore the colour!

The fun cheap pot –

I got this as a present in a super cheap gift bundle, so I don’t think it’s branded. I’m sure Harley Quinn would like it though!

NYX Eyeshadow Primer –


I only recently got this primer but I LOVE it! It’s smooth and silky, and a little glittery too – what more could you want?


Why It’s Taken Me So Long To Give In To Tutorials

I never, ever, ever used to look at tutorials to do my makeup. I enjoyed trying, testing, experimenting, and doing whatever I wanted until I felt that I had got my signature look down.

I started looking at step-by-step pictures, but still refused to watch videos. I wanted to figure out how to contour and create the perfect smokey eye all by myself… and shock horror, it was never as good as it was supposed to be.

Recently, I decided to start small, and watch small snippets of makeup videos on Instagram. They were quick, you couldn’t follow them, but I started to pick up on tricks that made my routine slicker and easier – and it dawned on me: my ignorance and stubbornness was holding me back from discovering new, easy and fun ways to work with makeup!

So I gave in. I still can’t contour, and I’ll never reach the perfection of famous beauty blogger brows, but I have noticed a difference in how good my makeup is. So, I decided to go full-on and try a proper eyeshadow tutorial, from the only really fancy palette that I own.

Here’s the tutorial for reference:

And here is my take on it. I changed the eyeliner, and since I got new eyelashes last week, I decided to wear them with this look – bear in mind, I haven’t worn fake eyelashes in 5 years, so apologies if they’re a bit off!


Also, because I LOVE the Boomerang app, here’s an eyeroll gif.


I definitely think I’ll start watching more tutorials in the future. I need to stop trying to do it all on my own, and accept the help that is so easily accessible online!


Makeup And Tumblr Positivity

I’ve been majorly lacking in blog post content (I also started my new job and have been SO tired recently), so here is a lovely little round-up of general makeup positivity! It’s always good to feel good about yourself! Credit to the original posters, of course!